Brownie Points

The other day I had quite the sweet tooth coming on, but nothing to satisfy it. So I decided I just HAD to bake something to alleviate it! I stumbled across this recipe for Old School Fudge Brownies with Walnuts, courtesy of Joy the Baker’s blog. Luckily, I had all the ingredients listed right at my fingertips and I set out on my mission.

Not only were these the best brownies I’ve made to date, but they made my apartment smell divine! Who needs candles when you have the scent of fresh baked brownies wafting through your home? I topped my brownie with a scoop of Batch’s vanilla ice cream and a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s milk & cookies flavored ice cream – go BIG or go home, am I right?

IMG_3065You have no idea how hard it is to resist brownie batter…

IMG_3072The leaning tower of brownies!

IMG_3073This hit the spot!

What’s your go-to brownie recipe?

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