Savory Summer Salad

I’ve never been able to make a salad as good as the ones at Panera Bread, which always taste fresh with the perfect dressing to couple with their leafy greens. Whenever I see a deliciously photographed salad on a food blog and I try to make it myself, it never tastes as good as it appears. I’m always left disappointed with an unsatisfied stomach.

That was until I came across this delicious summer salad from Pinch of Yum. It looked divine, using all of summer’s fresh ingredients and a simple balsamic vinegar dressing – there was no way I could mess it up. After a grand total of 20 minutes preparing the salad dressing, grilled chicken, and the remaining ingredients, I dove in for my first bite and was finally satisfied. This balsamic watermelon chicken salad is the perfect summer salad to enjoy al fresco!

IMG_3060A great mix of refreshing flavors blended into the perfect summer salad!

What are some of your favorite summer recipes? Share in the comments section below!


Spiced Up Shrimp Tacos

Mexican food is something I crave on a regular basis – there’s no better way to end a long day than with a cup of queso shared with friends and an ice cold margarita, especially in the summer heat! This past weekend, I was definitely feeling the craving come on and knew I would have to find an easy way to satisfy it. Being from Florida, I’m also a huge seafood fanatic, therefore when I came across this recipe for shrimp tacos with cilantro-lime sour cream, I knew it was the best of both worlds.

It’s a super easy, no mess recipe that can be fixed up quickly on even the busiest of nights. It took me about 30 minutes maximum from start to finish.


The blend of spices mixed in with the shrimp glaze made the dish turn out top notch!


The sliced avocado and cilantro-lime sour cream made this dish refreshing for a summer meal.


Serve with a margarita on the rocks and you have yourself a meal!

What’s your favorite go-to Mexican dish?