Movie Night

Sometimes after a long week you are desperate for a night in on the couch watching some of your favorite movies. I know I was definitely feeling one of those nights come this past Friday, so I made some buttery popcorn, popped in a movie, and enjoyed not having a worry in the world except listening to the swoon-worthy British accent of Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Below are some of my favorite movies to sit back, relax and enjoy after an exhausting week. What are some of your’s?

Remember the Titans

Big Daddy

Bridget Jones's Diary

The Great Gatsby


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Adventures at SoWa Sundays

Whenever I arrive in a new town or city, I find the best way to explore and discover a new place is by foot. I’ve been in the Boston area for a little over a week now and lucky for me, the weather has been beautiful so far (minus one rainy day or two, but I was at work all day, so no biggie). I took it upon myself to “master” the T this weekend from the nearest station to my home into Downtown. Minus the crazy highways up here (I find myself cringing every time I merge onto one), all ran smoothly as I made my way from the suburbs into Boston Common.

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A scenic view of the Massachusetts State House from the center of Boston Common.

I’m a HUGE food truck fan (or connoisseur as I like to say) and first discovered them while going to school in Greenville, SC. In fact, I loved them so much I even devoted a semester-long project to them for my Digital Communications class (find my sub-par Youtube video on them here). There were only a few food truck options in Greenville, but I loved reading articles in the paper about the “food truck revolution” taking place across the nation. Needless to say, whenever I relocate to a new city the first thing I research is the food and restaurant scene.

Hence, here in Boston I discovered SoWa Sundays (SoWa = the cultural district south of Washington Street), which has a Food Truck Court where 25+ food trucks convene every Sunday (May – October) rain or shine to serve delicious plates to Bostonians and visitors alike. On my walk there, I happened upon a farmer’s market, a craft goods market, and a vintage/antique market. It was like a dream come true – handmade earrings, homemade candles, vintage magazine covers and clothing galore. Plus, how could I forget the fresh, local produce (I’m a huge proponent of the local food movement).


Entrance into the Vintage Market.


Hunting for treasure.


They even had a vintage telephone booth from London!

It took a lot of willpower not to buy everything I saw…but of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I managed to find a baking book from a San Francisco pastry shop – I’ll be sure to attempt the recipes and share them with you all. I also had to manage not to eat any of the freshly baked goods on display at the Farmer’s Market as I had to save my appetite for the abundance of food truck options awaiting me. Which leads me to the best part of my adventure: the Food Truck Court.

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This was too good to be true! (I’m quite the cookie monster myself).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Batch, redefining the “ice cream truck”.

I came hungry and left happy. My favorites were the Rosemary Lemonade (I’ve got to find an at-home recipe for this – very refreshing for hot summer days) and the Korean Pork Bulgogi Slider from the Dining Car. The food truck owners had their whole family onboard helping them prepare the food for the 20+ people waiting in line, wide-eyed and hungry. Definitely worth the wait!


The Korean Pork Bulgogi Slider -yum! (Notice I couldn’t wait to take a bite before snapping a photo).


Just a few of the many satisfied customers.

Of course I couldn’t leave without some dessert, which is where The Cookie Monstah came to the rescue. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows cookies are my weakness. I bought a freshly baked M&M cookie, but they’re famous for their cookie ice cream sandwiches (I’ll be back for one, don’t you worry!). After the long, hot walk back to Boston Common, it was the perfect treat while taking in the afternoon in the park.


As the Cookie Monster would say, “Me want cookie!”

All in all, it was a Sunday well spent!