Chili Cook-Off!

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July Weekend! Hopefully Hurricane Arthur didn’t rain on too many people’s Independence Day Parades.

This past weekend was full of fun here in Boston – I celebrated America and my 23rd birthday with a good friend from home (thanks for making the trip up here, Brianna!). But after a long weekend of celebrating, by the time Sunday rolled around I was ready to relax in my apartment and watch chick-flick after chick-flick on the couch. By the time dinner rolled around I was craving some home-cooked comfort food. For me, nothing satisfies that craving better than a bowl of chili!

I made a chili recipe from one of my all time favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere. Her recipe uses ground turkey instead of beef, so it’s not as heavy as most other chili recipes – however, I find it just as hearty. It takes just under an hour to make from start to finish! I also made the jalapeño and cheddar cornbread Emily recommends to go along with it (I opted out of putting the jalapeños into it, since I’m not too fond of them).


All of the ingredients needed for the mouth-watering cornbread.


The cornbread can be cooked for 30-35 minutes while you cook the chili!


You know what smells good? Fresh out of the oven cornbread!


The finished product! For a variation, you can serve the chili atop rice or spaghetti noodles – I prefer dipping the cornbread into the chili, personally.