Food Truck Aficionado

In one of my first posts on the blog, I talked about my love for food trucks (and really all things food!). As the trend continues to grow throughout cities in the nation, I become even more excited seeing that it’s here to stay. One of my first encounters with a food truck was while I was at school in Greenville, SC and I noticed one parked downtown. I had heard about them from magazines and seen them on TV shows, such as “The Great Food Truck Race“, but had never eaten off of one. So that’s exactly what I did, one bite and I became a food truck fanatic.

It doesn’t take much to get me excited about trying new foods, but when it comes to trying new food trucks I’m like a kid at Disney World wanting to try everything at least once. For my Spring Break this past year I went to San Francisco for a few days and was able to attend Off the Grid – basically a food truck aficionado’s dream come true. Between 30-40 food trucks, carts, and stands line up in a giant parking lot on the San Francisco Bay and serve hundreds of people their delicacies.

IMG_3798The entrance to Off the Grid – my own personal heaven.

IMG_3779Picky eaters, you’re lucky – there’s every type of food served so you’re bound to find something you’ll want!

IMG_3786Homemade sangria from a Mexican food truck and fresh dumplings from a Chinese food truck, literally food from all over the world unites at Off the Grid.

IMG_3746The sunset we caught right outside the venue.

My love for food trucks only continues to grow, and no matter where I end up living or traveling to, it’s always food trucks I look up first, rather than dining at a restaurant. I love how you can grab your food from a downtown area off of a truck, meet the chef who cooked it, hear their story and passion for serving the community, and then catch a beautiful sunset or other aspect of nature as you eat your food in a picnic-like setting.

Wherever I end up, I sure hope there’s a food truck or two. Otherwise, I just might have to open my own!