The Working Girl’s Handbag

It seems as though there’s not one handbag out there that’s big enough or stable enough to carry all the items I need on a day to day basis during the week. Never enough compartments, the straps are uncomfortable, or the bag can’t hold a lot of weight. So I have set out on a mission to find the top 5┬ábest (and most stylish) handbags for working girls, or recent college grads searching for a sleek, professional bag to show up to interviews with. Which one is your favorite?

#1 This Halogen Graphic Tote – loving this print!

Bag 1

#2 This simple, yet professional Kate Spade bag

Bag 2

#3 This brown leather carry-all courtesy of Michael Kors

Bag 3

#4 This Phillip Lim bag – if you’re really looking to splurge (and my personal fave)

bag 6

# 5 This classic Tory Burch triangle bag

bag 5


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Have a great weekend and see you next week with some exciting new content!