Movie Night

Sometimes after a long week you are desperate for a night in on the couch watching some of your favorite movies. I know I was definitely feeling one of those nights come this past Friday, so I made some buttery popcorn, popped in a movie, and enjoyed not having a worry in the world except listening to the swoon-worthy British accent of Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Below are some of my favorite movies to sit back, relax and enjoy after an exhausting week. What are some of your’s?

Remember the Titans

Big Daddy

Bridget Jones's Diary

The Great Gatsby


Be sure to take a peek at some of my favorite links from this past week:

1.) Great interview with Taylor Swift.

2.) Kate McKinnon from SNL’s Dos & Don’ts.

3.) Humans of New York goes beyond NYC.

4.) This end of summer feast Camille Styles hosted is my type of feast with pasta & wine galore!

5.) Starbucks will be rolling out mobile food trucks this Fall!

6.) This article about ways to transform your life is GREAT.

7.) Anna Wintour wets her famous bob in her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Hump Day Humor

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is so close – just two more early mornings and I’m off to a wedding in South Carolina! Back to my roots in the good ‘ole South.

I wanted to dedicate this post to a man who has gotten me through quite a few long, exhausting days with a smile on my face and a heart full of laughter: the one and only Jimmy Fallon. Yes, I am dedicating this post to a man who I’ve never met and who doesn’t even know I exist, but only because he very well deserves it.

c3b6999d1d3b4ddf078fe7dbdf0c2e44Any one who knows me knows I don’t go a day without referencing something Jimmy Fallon has done on his show, in one of his skits, or something he’s said in an interview. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly certain I referenced him in a job interview. I think he is a comedic genius and he’s the only person in this world who I believe would never fail to get my quirky sense of humor.

To help you through your mid-week slump, I made a top 10 list of my favorite Jimmy Fallon skits from his career – you’ll laugh so hard it’ll hurt (maybe you’ll even get a 6-pack out of it):

1.) “Family Feud” SNL Highlight – Jimmy trying so hard not to break character!

2.) “Real People, Fake Arms” with Miley Cyrus

3.) “Real People, Fake Arms” Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels – I can’t get enough of this recurring skit!

4.) “The Chickeneers’

5.) “Young Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Sing at Summer Camp

6.) “Tonight Show Funny Face Off

7.) “Jimmy Fallon Bieber – It’s not my baby

8.) “Hashtags: #OopsMyBad

9.) “Russell Brand Reads ‘Us Weekly‘”

10.) “Obama Expressions